Ultimate 4x4 Off Road Driving Experience

4x4 Off-Road Driving Experiences in Wales

The following experiences use Wood Park Off-Road vehicles, normally a Land Rover Defender 110, and you will be accompanied by an instructor at all times.

Jumbo's 4x4 Special (2.5 hours) - £220

This experience is great for beginners or those with limited off-road driving experience. Up to 5 people can take part in this experience with 3 sharing the driving and 2 as passengers enjoying the ride or taking photographs.

Even 13-17 year olds can have a go without a full-driving licence, when accompanied by an adult.

You will develop basic off-road driving techniques and learn how to get the best out of a 4x4 vehicle. You'll drive through ancient woodland, over rough terrain, through boggy tracks and water features and on steep hill climbs and descents.

"I just loved putting in practice what I have been reading about in 4x4 magazines"
T Norman from Great Granson

Half Day (4.5 hours) - £330

The half day experience can be shared by 5 people with three driving and two as passengers. There'll be a wide variety of terrain and we'll tailor your experience to cover the things you'd like to learn.

A typical half-day could include:

  • Fundamentals of off-road driving
  • Steering technique
  • Braking e.g. cadence braking and ABS
  • Gear selection & power requirements
  • Failed hill climbs
  • Safe water passage e.g. depth and fast flowing water
  • Self-recovery of your vehicle when you get stuck!
  • Route planning
  • Green laning

Ask as many questions as you like – your instructor is there to develop your skills and improve your knowledge of driving off-road safely and sustainably. Many of the skills learnt at Wood Park Off-Road can be applied to driving on road in flood and icy conditions.

Full Day (6 hours) - £440

This experience is for those looking for more time behind the wheel and to practice techniques that require some mastering.

Perhaps you're planning a long-distance off-road driving adventure or a self-drive safari holiday? Or want to get a group of friends together for a whole day of off-roading? this is the package for you.

Surrounded by ancient woodland, you'll be able to expand your knowledge of 4x4 vehicles and off-road driving skills and work through different scenarios, for example, how to make yourself into a ½ tonne human winch!

Please see the 4x4 Off-Road Driving Skills page for a complete list of the instruction we can offer

This course will be tailored to your requirements

A typical 6 hour session will include:

  • Jumbo's "tricks of the trade" if things go wrong
  • Pendulum motion recovery
  • Steering wheel action as an aid to recovery
  • Choice of gear selection and power
  • Simple aids to recovery - e.g. shovel, high lift jack, kinetic rope
  • Route planning and assessment in the natural environment

Here are some of the things you will learn and experience:

  • Tyre selection and accessories
  • An understanding of how 4 wheel drive systems work
  • how transmission handbrakes work and
  • the dangers of transmission wind-up
  • Improving your ability to control the vehicle on steep ascents and descents, e.g. cadence braking and ABS and traction control
  • Analysis of water wading conditions

"I didn't think that there was so much information I could take away about 4x4's and off-roading in two days"
K Miles from Bedfordshire (Training for the Paris-Dakar Rally 2005)

Teenagers (13 years +)

This is a fantastic opportunity for teenagers to get to grips with driving before they can take to the road.

The session starts with a short briefing and then 2.5 hours driving. You'll learn how to control a vehicle in safe open field conditions before progressing to some gentle ascents and descents. Understand what gears to use and how much power to apply in different situations.

You will discover the capabilities of a 4x4 and learn what to do if you get stuck!

If you've chosen to share your booking with your friends we'll even sort out photo opportunities, but if it's just for you - that's how it stays, and you'll probably be the only vehicle in the entire 45 acre woodland site.

If you're without a provisional driving licence you must be accompanied by an adult. The vehicle is fitted with dual controls for safety.

Prices start from £220 and can be shared between 1-3 people.

A visit to Wood Park Off-Road is a fun, safe and rewarding experience and a great way to discover what a 4x4 can do.

We cater for beginners and experienced drivers alike. No previous off-road driving experience necessary.

Whatever your age, driving off-road for the first time is exciting. We offer experiences to drivers aged 13 years and over in dual-controlled vehicles. Please note that all under 17's must be accompanied by an adult.

The site offers a wide variety of terrain to introduce beginners to driving off-road or to challenge more experienced drivers from water features to hill climbs and the famous 'porridge' section!

You can use your own vehicle, one of ours or both. For those drivers familiar with "Pay & Play" we offer a supervised day for up to 6 vehicles, enabling you to test you 4x4 skills under the supervision of one of our expert instructors.

Each course is tailored to suit the individual or group and you are accompanied by an instructor at all times. We pride ourselves on 1:1 tuition but remember you can share the driving with your friends and family if you all want a go!

Why not treat a friend or loved one to some off-road driving by purchasing a gift voucher?

Supervised Group Pay & Play

If there's a group of you wishing to bring your own vehicles to our site we offer a supervised day for up to 6 vehicles. You will have an instructor accompanying you all day to ensure safety and give you the opportunity to test your skills on more demanding terrain.

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